London, Ontario

St. Peter’s Seminary is Canada’s oldest English speaking Roman Catholic diocesan seminary. Since it was founded by the Diocese of London in 1912, the seminary has produced more than 1,000 priests (including 23 who became bishops) and has educated permanent deacons and lay graduates.

Subsequent to a Building Envelope Condition Assessment, in 1999 the tower was fully restored, including the reproduction of deteriorated stone elements and carvings. Exterior masonry restoration was undertaken in 2003; slate was replaced on dormer roofs and cheek walls and the parapet was capped with lead-coat copper.

In 2008 an extensive Facilities Study was undertaken to design a major rejuvenation to bring the Seminary into the 21st century. The study emphasized techniques that respected the dignity and historical value of this stately structure.

In 2016, Phase 1 of the Seminary Revitalization project began, including demolition and reconstruction of Levels 4 and 5, an elevator addition and mechanical/electrical upgrades.

Phase 2 work is ongoing and includes demolition and reconstruction of Levels 1 and 3, foundation waterproofing, slate and copper roofing, masonry repointing and mechanical/electrical upgrades.

The existing building contains approximately 105,000 sf gross floor area, over five occupied floor levels. Construction was phased to allow continuous occupancy/operation of the seminary.