Mount Carmel, Ontario

The cornerstone of the church, named in honour of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, was laid on July 24, 1887. Its construction was completed in 1888 using bricks from the nearby village of Crediton. Numerous repairs and restoration work have been completed from 1915 through 2002.

Phase 1 restoration (April 2007) of the bell tower, spire and east facade of the Church included removal and replacement of metal cladding on spire, the Cross and pinnacle atop masonry buttress piers in lead-coat copper, and included replacement of wooden tower louvers with new extruded aluminum prefinished units.

Phase 2 restoration included removal and replacement of existing painted metal roof shingles with new lead coat copper diamond shingled roofing system complete with copper flashings, gutters and down pipes and vented protective glazing systems at clerestory windows.