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Have you ever wondered how a building is designed and how thoughts are translated into a conceptual building layout or set of plans? This time-lapse video represents a couple of days at work (I did stop for the odd snack and energy boost), developing plans for a new office building. I took the building program for the project (a detailed list of requirements for the building) and started with some preliminary hand sketching, generally starting at a macro scale with site and building shown, like in this video. I next work toward a more micro scale of drawing, to show interior doors, windows, wall thicknesses and illustrate how the structure will work and how spaces interact and relate to one another. I often make notes about conceptual ideas to explore, about material selections that may be appropriate, and imagine myself working in and occupying the space, to put myself in Client’s shoes. At the end of all this, I may think of a better idea and start over.

Look for our next video post, showing some interior design/floor plans.