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Architect is derived from the Greek words chief and creator – two extremely meaningful words, heavy with connotations of responsibility and thought leadership. At Allan Avis Architects Inc. we are proud to carry the weightiness of this meaning, and strive to define our firm as a leader in our field and communities.

Our ability to offer comprehensive architectural and planning support to our clients means we fully support their projects from concept through to completion. Our dedication to building science, safety, best practices and the careful consideration of our clients’ unique needs creates the foundation for our buildings.

Learn more about the types of projects we specialize in and the support we provide. Then, let’s talk about how Allan Avis Architects Inc. can transform your ideas into reality.

Sustainable Design

A sustainability mindset and skillset are no longer nice to haves: they are absolute necessities when designing and building structures that will stand the test of time and align with the demands of our environment.

We welcome the challenges of sourcing sustainable resources, incorporating energy efficient design principles and taking on green-forward facility planning because it’s the right thing to do. More than that, our team honours the current and future needs of our communities and we are driven to protect the resources they will need to build more vibrant futures.

Heritage Building Restoration

For decades, we have served Ontario by restoring its landmark buildings. These projects are often extremely complex and labour intensive, requiring patience and a relentless dedication to excellence and attention to detail.

We take pride in the part we play in allowing historic buildings to continue to inspire awe and preserve the stately charm of public infrastructure. During these projects, our firm identifies areas of concern where remediation is required, while maintaining the aesthetics of yesteryear. Due to our unyielding perfectionism, our firm is recognized as a specialist in Building Condition Assessments and the preservation of our built heritage.

Feasibility Study

Whether you already have a particular build site in mind or you are considering several potential options, our firm will conduct a feasibility study to reveal the potential risks and opportunities presented by your choices. We will craft reports that clearly and objectively outline the historical significance and architectural feasibility of the area and mitigate the possibility of unforeseen circumstances that may impact your project’s timeline, budget or your stress level.

Preparation of Conceptual Designs

The conceptual designs are one of the initial steps for making sure both Client and Architect both on the same page. This is a visual method of translating imagination into what your building can look like. Whether the client is familiar with the building process or this is a brand new experience, the conceptual designs are integral to the design process.

Documents for Bidding, Permit and Construction

Many elements of the design process are exhilarating, creative and fun. However, there are a few essential components that our clients are happy to leave in our capable hands. Our experienced administrative and architectural staff handle all the documents associated with your project, while always keeping you well-informed. At the end of our collaboration, you will have every piece of paper you need to prove your particular designations and protect yourself/your organization against future inquiry.

Bidding and Contract Administration

When it comes to contractual fulfillment and documentation, not only will we cross every t and dot every i, but we will advocate for you and your building and confirm that your best interests are accounted for in black and white. It is our job to check adherence to Contract Documents and obligations, championing your priorities and ensuring you are signing off on decisions that make the most sense for your current and future interests.

Assistance with Applications to Authorities

Along the way, there will be many entities that will have a vested interest in – and ability to influence – the outcomes of your building initiative. From aligning with bylaws to earning permissions and designations for your building, our team at Allan Avis Architects Inc. will leverage our great relationships with governmental bodies and authoritative entities to keep your project moving forward.

Your architectural project demands the brain and brawn of professionals who understand the importance of striking the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

A home you can truly live in; a commercial structure that serves your company’s everyday needs and sets your corporate vision apart; an industrial building you can successfully create within. These are the living promises we deliver, for Ontario’s most discerning individuals and civic and corporate organizations.

Connect with us today and learn how our team will collaborate with you to bring the unimaginable into reality.