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Located in Goderich, Ontario, Allan Avis Architects Inc. has been providing architectural services to Southwestern Ontario since 1993. We are well recognized as a specialist in heritage/historical structures and as a consultant that actively works with their clients to attain practical and achievable solutions.

From the onset of the project, our team of innovative, skilled personnel works purposefully to conceptualize the ideals of our clients and bring them into reality. We provide a full complement of professional services to our clients by drawing on our network of engineers and specialists. Our comprehensive delivery method, with multiple synchronized services, has proven very effective in controlling costs, establishing open communications and achieving completion deadlines while maintaining a superior standard of quality control.

With our assistance, many of our clients have successfully completed multiple-phase projects sequenced over several years, often while continuing to occupy and use their facilities.

Allan Avis Architects is recognized as a specialist in Building Condition Assessments and in the preservation of our built heritage. Our expertise and experience in preparing comprehensive building condition reports and feasibility studies have enhanced our knowledge and broadened our resourcefulness. These studies have helped us understand what works and what does not work in specific situations, with building materials and systems, for particular user needs and when dealing with challenging issues.

No matter the size, we strive to have every project be a testament to customer satisfaction and a statement of our passion for architecture.